About us

Our salon staffs are all dog lover and providing Dog grooming & Dog hotel stay service.
We specially care your dog as your familiy member, providing non stress services of trimming, care and stay.
We wish your happiness life with lovely dog and support long life aging of your dog.

Service feature

  • Supporting Total health

    We carefully watch and check the total health condition of mind & body to support total health care.

  • Variety of course menu

    We have many variety of menus to choose from, shampoo, trimming to mud pack till special relaxation menu.

  • Room hotel

    We host your dog in a dog room instead of keeping in a cage. We expect your dog to be relaxed as being your home.


Please call directly to the salon to make your reservation( 10:00~18:00 )Open 365 days a year.
(Zama salon 046-244-3784)

Menu & Price

We have 3 reguler courses, Shampoo course, Grooming course and Trimming course. Please ask for details.
※extra charge might be asked by condition and size, etc.

Dog TypeShampoo CourseGrooming CourseTrimming Course
Chihuahua (LONG)2,530 yen3,905 yen5,390 yen
M・Dachs (LONG) (WIRE)2,860 yen4,125 yen5,750 yen
Shiba4,180 yen5,610 yen7,150 yen
Shih Tzu/Maltese/Yorkshire-Terrier3,630 yen5,170 yen6,820 yen
T・Poodlefrom 4,180 yenfrom5,720 yenfrom 8,250 yen
Golden retriever9,900 yen11,440 yen14,850 yen

Health care

Special course for Skin and Hair care. You will see a difference of finishing quality by using special shampoo & cleansing, fallen hair care items, moisture spray etc. Please ask for further information.

Case example: Dachs (LONG)

Hotel stay price

 WeightPrice / night
Small sizeup to 5kg4,290 yen
Medium sizeup to 10kg4,950 yen
Large sizeup to 15kg5,830 yen
Extra large size over15kg~6,600 yen

Short stay price

 Up to 4hours4 to 8 hours
Small size660 yen1,100 yen
Medium size1,100 yen1,450 yen
Large size1,430 yen2,200 yen


Zama salon

Sun road Bldg. 1F-B, 1-39-34 Sobudai, Zama-shi, Kanagawa TEL 046-244-3784